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I stood looking out of the café window at the sun soaked street outside. People dressed in dishdashas and pakols were setting up shops in the buildings opposite. Quite a funky bhangra beat was coming out of the speakers in the next window along and the men were all slightly bobbing in time as they worked.


Behind me, sat at a rickety table strewn with maps and plans, were the organisers from Tier 1’s Operation Jawbreaker game.


So, you want to get involved with our documentary?


Here are the things you can do to help (in order of effort):

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OK, that’s the easy stuff out the way. For real contributions how about you:

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And finally, the BEST way you can help. The way that will get you a credit in the film and a FREE GIFT!


Why donate?

The way I see it is that this film is all of ours. I am reaching out to the community for support and help because I don’t want this to be about me, or about the games and sites I go to. I want it to be about us and funded by us. What that will mean is that when people question our sport, when they scoff at it and mock it, when they missunderstand the positives, you will be able to point them at this film. If airsoft should be threatened with a ban in the future, after some knee jerk reaction in the press, or nonsense about tax, you can point them at this film. If your wife, your mother or your non-airsofting friends roll their eyes and say, “isn’t it all just violence and guns?” you can point them at this film.

I want it to be a gift to us all that explains, “why I love airsoft”.

Even a small amount REALLY WILL HELP! We have 55 days to raise £2000, if you can help with even a tenner, then you’re a hero!