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I stood looking out of the café window at the sun soaked street outside. People dressed in dishdashas and pakols were setting up shops in the buildings opposite. Quite a funky bhangra beat was coming out of the speakers in the next window along and the men were all slightly bobbing in time as they worked.


Behind me, sat at a rickety table strewn with maps and plans, were the organisers from Tier 1’s Operation Jawbreaker game.


The filming for our documentary started over Christmas with a visit by a cameraman to Sweden for some snow based milsim, hopefully the footage will be of use for the final film.

Next, last weekend, I was head marshal for Tier 1 airsoft at their game Operation Black Heart, which went really well.

Oh boy, you just got owned!

I got some excellent 60fps head camera footage and some great shots of the team based combat on sunday morning.

I also got a new member for the team, welcome onboard Chris! Chris is not an airsofter, but he knows much about filming. We are going to work together to release DVDs of the Tier 1 events based on our dual shooting of footage for each side. This footage will, in parts, make it into the final documentary film. It promises to be very special and I will be releasing a promo for it over Easter.

We asked you to tell us why you loved airsoft, and boy have you told us! I have had an inbox full of emails from people eager to let the world know just why this sport means so much to them. It’s taken a while to sort through them and pick the best ones to feature, but that post will be coming in the next week. Also stacking up is the footage form all correctly filled in and posted to us. Thanks to all those who have pointed us their way. We will be reviewing these entries, featuring them here in a post, and collecting the very best for inclusion in the film. Watch this space in the coming weeks.

Donations. I get a lot of emails offering to help, asking if they can join in, but really the best way to help is to donate. We have a month and a half to raise the money for the production of this film. If you want to help please stick a tenner in the box! You’ll get a gift as a thank you. Why donate? Read our manifesto!

Gift designs. Coming soon, as soon as I can get my wife to make them, the gift designs will be released. Cesca is a top Branding Consultant who has worked for companies such as Interbrand and Wolff Olins. She designed the TUI logo and the Morrisons re-brand amongst many other designs for household names. These stickers and T-shirts will rock hard!

The next event. We are negotiating with two companies to come and cover their events, so if you have an event you want covered contact us!

Until then, shoot you later,



Here is a quick cut, colour and render of the Helicopter Assault during Tier One’s Rolling Thunder Milsim event.

I have put this together at the request of a friend, this isn’t the official film — I am doing an “end of year special” — this is just to wet your appetites!