Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation SANDSTORM

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation SANDSTORM

Working with a combination of my own and footage donated by a dutch team, Sandstorm is a showcase of what can be done with raw POV footage.


Working on reliable information released to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by the senior Al Qaeda (AQ) leader responsible for combat operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan – Mullah Kazim Numair, AKA PANTHER who was detained by Seal Team 6 (ST6) in September 2011, Task Force (TF) 76 carried out a series of Extremely High Risk (EHR) detention raids in the village of Gambir, Kunar province, East Afghanistan near the Pakistan border during March 2012.

Gambir proved to be void of any civilian population (CIVPOP) and was entirely occupied by Al Qaeda and Taliban (AQT) fighting age males. The village proved tough to establish a foothold in, but once the TF were able to break in to the village, they were able to occupy a compound from which to operate.
From this compound the TF were constantly harassed by the Enemy Forces (EF) and had to work in and amongst a constant threat from IED(s), mortar attacks, sniper fire to all out assaults on their compound.
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