Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation JAWBREAKER

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation JAWBREAKER


Shot entirely on location at CopeHill Down. The main feature is 37 minutes of the best milsim ever undertaken in the UK! I had an inside track on the “serial” events, a first person perspective on the role play and took part in all the big actions – including the capture of the objective for the US team. All cut together with music and professionally coloured, this is a great film of how deep milsim can go.


This film was shot by myself and Chris at the amazing Stanta FIBUA site, which has lots of Afghan compound-like houses and where the troops practice before heading out to the Middle-East. The final cut on the DVD is my version of our two editions. It features an incredible morning serial by the US team and retreat straight into the waiting Taliban forces. 29 minutes of action!

About Jawbreaker:

With Hearts and Minds now becoming ISAF’s priority mission in Afghanistan, the war on terror still continues in earnest behind the scenes.

Task Force (TF) 76′s limited success during Operation BLACK HEART and the detention of several High Value Individuals (HVI) has led to further information regarding the Al Qaeda (AQ) network currently active across Afghanistan and Pakistan.

TF 76 have been tasked to operate within a suburb of Asadabad the capital city of the Kunar province, Afghanistan in order to maintain their momentum and kill or capture a number of high ranking Al Qaeda terrorists.

TF 76 is currently made up of Special Operations Forces operators from A Squadron, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta and soldiers from the United States Marine Corps – FORECON 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company.

TF 76′s mission is set to be a dangerous operation made more complex having to operate in a potentially hostile urban environment populated by civilians. They will face a constant threat of who is friendly and who is the enemy.

About Blackheart:

Following the successful detention of the senior Al Qaeda (AQ) leader responsible for combat operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan – Mullah Kazim Numair, AKA PANTHER was detained during an Extremely High Risk (EHR) Helicopter Assault Force (HAF) raid by Seal Team 6 (ST6) during Operation Rolling Thunder in the KURRAM AGENCY situated in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) – Pakistan.

The CIA Special Activities Division (SAD) have been debriefing and tactically questioning Numair at an undisclosed “Black Camp” in Uzbekistan since his capture September 2011.

After several months of resistance to interrogation, Numair has finally started to show cracks in his resilience, which up until recently had been unbreakable and Numair has finally began to talk. The team interrogating Numair are aware that the information being released to them currently is low level and a ploy to keep them from the bigger players.

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Housed in an attractive two-disk DVD box with a custom label and DVD insert.

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